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Glass has always been a passion since childhood. A spirit of adventure & exploration continue to be a driving force both in glass and in Greg's life.  


     Greg's exploration into the world of glass began as a child. Growing up in the Northeast, his family frequently visited the Corning Museum of Glass during their road trips. A passion for travel and a love of glass reflect in Greg's life and his work. 
       His journey of working with glass began in the spring of 1997 while studying art at Hartwick College, in Oneonta, NY. That summer, while teaching art in Boulder, CO, Greg apprenticed torch-working for the Mystic Family Glassworks. In the summer of 1998, he took a workshop from Emilio Santini at Urban Glass. Greg stayed and participated in a work study program at Urban that summer. This was an influential experience; watching and assisting many Urban Glass artists who work professionally in all areas of glass. Returning to Hartwick, Greg graduated in 2000, with a Major in Art, focusing on Sculpture & Glass Blowing and with a Minor in Religious Studies. 
       Occasionally renting glass studio time for the next few years, Greg explored the adventure sports of whitewater raft guiding and ski instructing professionally.  Always returning to glass, he gained precision working as a production glass blower in a factory for Simon Pearce. He became a team leader of their production from 2004-2006. Then following his spirit of adventure, Greg moved to Lake Tahoe, CA in 2006 and then to Santa Cruz in 2011.
       He has worked in the hospitality industry, as a professional musician, as a team-building facilitator and an adventure guide; for sea kayaking, zip lining, & white water rafting. Once he moved to California he worked for Girl Glass, Chris Johnson Glass, Half Moon Bay Art Glass and The Bay Area Glass Institute. In 2014 he began participating in juried art shows nation wide. He's been awarded best in glass and been the featured artist at the Nassau County Museum of Art, Hampton Fine Art Festival, Stuart Art Festival & Scottsdale Artfest. 
      In 2017 he built his own mobile glass studio to use for the winter in Scottsdale, AZ. During the summers he returns to Upstate, NY. Greg is honored to be the Artist-in-Residence for a town in the Adirondacks. The Town of Johnsburg, NY invited him to set up a summer studio to offer glass blowing experiences in North Creek, NY along the Hudson River, about 30 minutes from Lake George.
      Currently Greg is operating Arizona Glassblowing Studio as. the Artist-in-Residence of the Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak.


UniquelyCrafted Design

Blue Ball Barn, Wilmington, DE

Creating unique patterns and murini opens endless possibilities. I love using sheet glass to create intricate designs, which may take weeks. Then after all this prep, in an intense hour of "make it or break it", the 2D design is heated, rolled and blown into the final piece.
In March 2016, this piece was invited into the temprary collection at the Blue Ball Barn. This museum of an old DuPont estate houses an impressive collection of hand made crafts.


In my work, I use classic techniques of furnace, fused, flame worked and cold worked glass.

I am interested in the modern technological advances available and love finding new ways to express the beauty of this medium.

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Encolmo Trio.jpg


My techniques vary from project to project, but the process of pondering about the subject, thinking about how glass can be used and applying passion to execute an idea is always the same. Whether I use techniques I've practiced or find a new way of expression, I love the challenge and joy of the glass making process from beginning to completion.

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